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At the moment, I have really been enjoying a lot of beauty products, so it was very hard to choose my favourites, but I have narrowed it down to five products which I have been absolutely loving. I will tell you what they are, my thoughts on them, and the price♡

The soap and glory whipped clean shower butter. This product is so amazing, it's so moisturising on  your skin, and smells absolutely amazing♡ It makes a really good moisturiser, but also makes an amazing shaving cream. I use it just before I go in the shower, wait for it to dry completely, and then 
get in the shower. Afterwards it makes your skin so soft and I would definately recommend this product to anyone✩

This is Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. I absolutely love this perfume, I recieved it for Christmas in a set along with a daisy dream shower gel, and a body lotion. This is probably my favourite scent ever. I am a big fan of Marc Jacobs and love most of his perfumes, but I havent had them all. I can't really describe the smell, but it is so gorgeous, and the bottle is just amazing✩♡   
£38.50 ♡

This product, from lush is so amazing. It is the ocean salt face and body scrub, and it is the best scrub I hve ever used for my face. I have a lot of difficulty with my skin on my face, as in some areas (especially my cheeks and in between my eyebrows) it is really rough and dry, and in other areas (my forehead and nose) it is smooth and not at all dry. So I have been using this scrub twice a week since christmas, and it has really made a difference to my skin. I definately recommend this product✩ The price is a bit steep, but for me, it was definately worth it. 

 This is my favourite thing I recieved this Christmas, and I have not stopped loving it. I was so happy when I opened this as I had wanted it for such a long time, but didn't know if I wanted to spend a lot of money on it. I'm sure you have all heard reviews on the naked 3, so I'm not going to go into too much detail, but I will tell you that if you are looking for something to ask for for you're birthday, I recommend this, and it is so worth the money, although it is a lot✩

I hope you enjoyed reading my blogpost, if you have any queries or questions please leave a comment below♡ and be sure to follow me on Bloglovin to be notified when I post something new,

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  1. Hey! i've nominated you for the liebster award because your blog! Check out my recent post for details!
    - xoxo Laura :)

  2. The naked 3 palette is the best!! I nominated you for the Sistehood of the World Blogger Award you can read more here:



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