Mini beauty haul♡

7:09 pm

over the past few weeks, I have been picking up a few beauty items, such as makeup, skincare etc. so I thought I would share it with you as I haven't posted in a while♡

the first thing I picked up was this makeup bag from Zoe's beauty range,

 This is my favourite makeup bag that zoe has brought out, it's the perfect colour and has 'just say yes' on which is really inspiring for the day:) it's the perfect size and fits all my everyday makeup in♡ if you are looking for a good, high quality makeup bag, I highly recommend buying this as it was only £7.00 from superdrug♡

I then went into Victoria's secret and picked up the body spray in 'such a flirt'

This, in my opinion smells of that sherbet you use to get when you were young, the one that was in a long thin tube and you had to pour it into your mouth:) I am just completely in love with the scent , I got this for £8 as there was a deal which was 3 for £24 and I split it with my friends♡

I then picked up this yankee candle in 'Bermuda beach', 


 There isn't too much to say about this really, it smells really fresh and I love it. I got it from asda for £1 which is really worth it, as regular votives are about £1.80♡ 

I then went into superdrug and purchased a few things, the first thing I bought was the rimmel match perfection foundation,

This is the best foundation I have ever had, it's so nice on my skin, and not too heavy. It's a medium coverage which I think is just right for my skin as I have very few blemishes at the moment. I got this for £7.00♡  

I then bought the rimmel clear complexion powder to go with the foundation,

In my opinion, this powder is much better than the stay matte by rimmel, i find that the stay matte leaves me feeling a bit cakes, and it makes my makeup feel very thick and heavy. However, this powder is the opposite, it does make my skin matte aswell, but it is a lot lighter and makes my skin tone very even. I highly recommend this as it is only £3.99 which is an amazing price♡

Keeping with makeup, the last thing I have purchased was the maybelline baby skin instant pore eraser. 
Not on,y is this so photogenic, but it is an amazing product too, it leaves my makeup on throughout the whole day and minimises my pores so well, that it is difficult to see them:) some people may think that this is quite expensive, at a price of £7.99 from superdrug and boots, however I bought this for £5 from asda which i was so happy about:)♡ 

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Thankyou for reading,

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  1. Lovely post x I would like to invite you to my blog! I would be so happy if you could leave a comment on my recent post and follow me on my social networking sites!
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  2. I want to try the Rimmel foundation :) everyone talk about this product. The Zoe's beauty bag is amazing.. I love it ♥ Zoella beauty is the best !
    xx Aisha ||

  3. Hi Kristina! Hope that you're ok! I'm just letting you know that I have tagged you to do the Netflix Tag on my blog!

    Mollie,x | The Fashion Of Craft

  4. Great post! I love the Rimmel Clear Complexion powder aswell. I would love to colab with you! My Blog is


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