Summer Wishlist 2015 ☀

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first of all, I'm so sorry for not posting in quite a while, it's been quite hard to keep this up. Hopefully I'll get back on track and post at least once every 2/3 weeks♡

so summer is coming up, and I've seen a lot of nice things in shop that I've been adding to a 'summer wishlist'. It's a Wishlist meaning that I want those things but I probably won't end up getting them due to the cost and/or the fact I may not be going on holiday.

anyway, I thought that I would share the things I've been looking at with you, just because I thought it would be a good idea for a blogpost✩

the first few things will be clothing items,

dress, American Apparel - £48                              ♡shorts, new look - £18

So I've been seeing this dress a lot on instagram recently, and I have been pretty much  drooling over how pretty it is. I tried it on quite a while ago and I wanted to buy it, but the price is just way too much. I think it's perfect for a holiday, either by itself or over a bikini✩

However, the shorts from new look are a lot more affordable and just perfect for summer. with these shorts you could either dress them up, by wearing a really nice top, or dress them down and make them more casual. I feel like I will buy these shorts because they are so pretty♡

bikini, triangl - £45-55


This bikini from triangl is to die for, it's so beautiful. The only thing I don't like about the bikini is the price, I do think that it is a bit much, but there are a lot of places or websites that do dupes. If I was to go on holiday, I would definately get a dupe because I can't afford an expensive bikini like this.
I do think that it is perfect for summer though, as it fits onto your body perfectly, and just looks so simplistic. I think that the light blue would suit me the most as I have blue eyes, and I generally suit blue clothing.

bikini, new look -£18 altogether

 I really like this bikini, I saw it in new look a few days ago and I just wanted it so bad. It is a very similar pattern to the dress I showed at the start, and I love that. I think for £18 altogether this is a  really nice bikini and is completely worth it. I think it would also look good with the top and then just plain white bottoms, or vice versa♡

black cat-eye sunglasses, newlook -£8

  So I've seen these glasses floating around instagram, Twitter and pretty much every girl in the uk has them. I have got to admit I have fallen in love with these and I've always wanted a pair. I was
 looking at websites to find out which glasses suited me, and I found that cat-eye glasses suit heart shaped faces.  So I searched online and found these, for a price of £8 I think it's amazing♡ I think 
these are perfect for summer☀ 

 ♡ play suits, missguided - £30 & £25

I think that in summer, playsuits are very appropriate and fashionable, even thought the weather in England isn't brilliant. The other week, I was looking on misguided and I came across these two gorgeous playsuits. the first one, is a lovely white lacey playsuit, with a high neck, whereas the other one is white, with a floral pattern on both sides and has a V-neck. I love both of these playsuits and think they are perfect for summer.
I hope you enjoyed reading my summer wishlist and I hope it gave you some inspiration (maybe). there are a lot more things that I would like for summer, but if I were to tell you them all, this post would be verrrryyyy long.
thank you for reading, follow me on bloglovin' so you don't miss out when I next post.
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Kristina xo

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