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This will probably be useless to you, because most of the advice I give is, especially on school!
The thought of school just drains me. Dont get me wrong I don't hate it, but its just having to get up early and all the homework you get, the only thing that hasn't stopped me from going is the social side of it, being able to see your friends everyday. 

I'm just going to get straight into the questions, sorry if I didnt get to answer yours, I received quite a few x

Are you excited to go back to school or nervous?
To be honest, I'm either none or a bit of both. I would say I'm excited to go back only to see my friends and everyone, and also to use some of my new stationary:) But then I'm also a bit nervous because of my gcse's. But at this moment I'm not feeling anything, just the feeling that I do not want summer to end.

What are the main things/ essentials to have in your school bag?
Apart from the obvious, like my books, planner and pencil case, I alwad carry an 'emergency bag' with me in my bag. In this is things like hand sanitizer and cream, lip balm, feminine products, the makeup I decide to wear that day and some tissues. I also always carry a bottle of water in my bag to keep me hydrated throughout the day.

Study tips/ exam revision techniques?
to be completely honest, I don't really have any particular techniques. Every time I have exams, I try a new way to revise to see if that's better. I think the ones that won't best for me are past paper questions (because they'll be the type of questions in the exam), flash cards - not just copied out of a book but from memory ( write a question from a book, close the book and try to answer it by yourself) and lots and lots of colour coding.

Best and worst things about school?
There is more bad things than good in this answer, the best thing is just being able to see your friends every day. Whereas the worst things are: getting up early, the work, having 1 hour lessons, having some teachers you really don't like and just feeling so drained when you get home.

How do you prepare yourself for exams, tests and homework?
Well, there is usually 3 stages of these things. Stage 1- 'I can't do this', where I basically just give up on life and try and think what I can be in the future that doesn't require gcses or A levels. Stage 2-  procrastination, when I can find pretty much anything in my room and get distracted with it for at least an hour. And stage 3- 'oh sh*t I actually have to do this now', where I realise that if I don't do it, I can basically just be a bin woman in the future. So in this stage, I also just get on with my revision, whether I do 20 minutes or 2 hours - it will all help at some point.

What to do if you have a horrible teacher?
Having horrible teachers is the worst, I can say I have had a fair few in my high school years. All I can say is that you shoul just stay on the good side of them, yes they may seem very horrible, but if you do this - so like hand in homework on time, answer questions in class, the. those teachers will begin to like you. Teachers like students who put the effort in and are hard working, they don't like the students who sit at the back and just talk all the time - believe me, I know.

Can you give me a makeup look using only 3 products?
I'm not one of those people who would go into school with a full face of makeup, I mean I hardly ever wear makeup to school. On the odd occasion I'd wear a bit of mascara but that's it. If I had to pick 3 products they would probably be mascara, because it does make you look more awake all together, also concealer incase you have any blemishes you would like to cover and the final thing could be either powder, just to set your concealer or a lip balm- but some people may not class this as makeup.

So I hope this was in some way useful to you, I'm not the best at giving advice but I thought I'd try for you. 

Thankyou for reading this, it does mean a lot to me. If you enjoyed this post then comment below, and also comment when you start school♡

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Kristina x

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