How I edit my instagram pictures♡

4:06 pm

I get many comments and dm's on instagram asking how I edit my pictures, and what I take them with. So I thought that instead of replying to all those people one at a time, I would do this post for you♡

♡To start with, I take my pictures on my iPhone 4s with the chrome filter. I find it quite difficult working with this filter as that filter makes dark pinks/ reds look orange, therefore making the whole picture look yellow. But, on the other hand, it makes pictures with light colours in look brighter, as if they have been taken on a really sunny day. 
The apps I use are: whitagram, snapseed and instagram editor. 

♡ Firstly, I open up my picture in whitagram. I then turn the brightness up about half way (more or less depending on how bright the picture is to start with) 

♡I then save that and open up snapseed. The first thing I will do on snapseed is go onto the selective mode and brighten up any areas that are a bit darker than others.

♡I will usually turn this up to 20-30

♡I will then go onto the vignette mode and turn up the inner and outer brightness. 

♡I will usually make the brightness the same on each. I then click save and go on over to instagram.

♡When I have opened up the image in instagram I will edit it only slightly, just so it fits more with my feed. I only turn this up to about 10 because it is already bright.

before ♡                                               after ♡

I hope you enjoyed this post, I do get a lot of questions on my pictures, so I hope they have been answered in this post♡

Thankyou for reading, 
Kristina x

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