What's in my school bag♡

4:51 pm

Another post for my back-to-school series♡ It's probably pointless because most people have already gone back to school but oh well.

My school bag is from h&m and was £30, I thought this was reasonable as it's big and a strong material.

So in my bag I keep:
♡My school/ exercise books,
♡My planner (which my school give me)
♡A water bottle- because it's important to stay hydrated!:
♡My pencil case- with all the essential equipment in,
♡My calculator.
♡A deodorant, I will either take roll-on or a mini spray,
♡And the last thing I'll take is an emergency bag were I have things like hand sanitizer, moisturiser, feminine products and some mascara.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, let me know what else you would like to see in my back to school series.

Kristina x

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  1. Your pencil case is so cute! Would love to see Back to School hairstyles post.



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