Room Tour: blog edition♡

11:08 am

I'm one of those people who either has a very messy room, or a very tidy one. Its never in between.

I took these photos of my room a while ago and thought I'd share them with you, there won't be much writing, as there isn't too much to say about my room. 

♡ When you first walk into my room, you see my dressing table/desk, which is never ever this tidy. It's either got loads of makeup on or it has piles of school work on top of it. 

♡ To the left of my desk is my chest of drawers,
 where i keep my lush basket, and some body sprays. My lush collection has grown quite a bit since I took this photo, it is completely full!

♡ From the first picture, you may be able to see a sink in the corner, yes its true, I have a sink in my room. I find it normal to, as i know a lot of people who do have sinks in their room, but others may find it strange.

♡ Just in front of my drawers is my bed, which I love very much. It's very comfy and i love my bedding - which is from debhanams if you were wondering x

 ♡ Next to my bed, I have my bedside table, which is from ikea, and is full of junk, but oh well, I have to have at least one messy part of my room! I also have one of the fitted wardrobes which is mostly just storage.

♡ Then, next to my bedside table is my door, and we are finished with my room tour.

Thankyou for reading, 

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Kristina x

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  1. Oh my gosh your bedroom is GORGEOUS, I love everything in it, soooooo cute!!!
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky


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