7 steps to a happier you♡

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So this is a bit of a different post, but I had an idea and I thought it would help some people ( I may be wrong). As school has started, you may start to feel quite stressed and unhappy, I know I am because I'm in such an important year of my life.

I have put together 7 simple steps to hopefully make yourself feel less stressed and more relaxed, and just happier overall.

1. Do more of what makes you happy♡

Yes, I know what you are thinking, I know this is Alfie's quote, but it's very true.Whether this is by doing a sport, singing, playing an instrument, or even just watching your favourite film - it helps a lot. I find that baking makes me happy because I love it a lot and it makes me feel relaxed.

2. Try new things♡

Although I love to bake, I find baking the same thing over and over again rather boring. I like to be adventurous with what I bake. Just like you should be adventurous with what you love doing. Yes, there may be times where you think ' I can't do this' but just think about it, the professionals must have started somewhere, and they would have been in the exact same position.  

3. Be your own unique individual♡

Don't be put off by what society's definition of 'perfect' is, this is almost impossible to be. Being yourself can not only inspire others around you to be different, but it also makes you feel so much more confident in yourself. You don't need to do what everyone else is, as my family always told me 'be a leader, not a follower'.

4 . Everyone feels the same♡

This one is more for school life, but if you are stressing for exams or school work, and you're worried, just remind yourself that everyone is in the same position, they are all worried too. If you were to ask everyone in your school if they were stressed about exams or school in general, i guarantee their answer would be yes. And if it isn't, then they are probably just putting a brave face on.

5. Everything happens for a reason♡

This sounds extremely cliché, but I'm a big believer in this. Everything that happens to you is for a reason, for good or bad. Don't get yourself too worked up and stressed if something doesn't happen, because in the end it will probably help you.

6. Have an evening just for you♡

Have a hot bath, light some candles, listen to soothing music, watch your favourite film and just pamper yourself. I guarantee this will help you to feel less stressed and more relaxed.

7. Smile♡

This may sound really simple, but you probably have no idea how effective it is. If you just close your eyes and smile to yourself it will lift your spirits. Another thing you can do, is when you are falling asleep, just smile, so instead of having a plain face on just simply crack a smile and you'll wake up feeling happier.


Kristina x

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  1. What a lovely post! This is such a positive message, which I adore! xx


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