Skincare Routine 2016

6:09 pm

I know I haven't blogged in a while, but I've just found it really hard to keep up.
so my skin has been quite goo recently, an it's all down to the products I've been using so I'll be showing you what I use in the morning, the night and what I use for my body skincare.
First up is my morning skincare, I will tell you the order that I use them in:

❥ Neutrogena pink grapefruit face wash- this smells amazing and is really refreshing for the morning, especially on school mornings as when I use it with cold water, it wakes me up straight away.
❥ Neutrogena pink grapefruit face scrub - this has the same scent, and I use this every 3 days which makes my skin feel really soft.
❥ Clinique all about eyes eye cream- I use this after my face wash an scrub and before my moisturiser, I don't really know why but it has made my under eyes feel really great and it reduces the puffiness- great for school mornings.
then the next products are used after ive got ready and after ive eaten breakfast.
❥ AEOS refreshing hydrating mist- this is really good to refresh your skin (hence the name).
❥ Clinique moisture surge ETR- if you've read a few of my blogposts or you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I absolutely love this moisturiser. It keeps my skin hydrated all day and its just SO good.
❥ FOY eye contour cream- this is slightly more liquidy than the Clinique eye cream, which is why I use I after my moisturiser. This has also contributed to my smooth under eyes.

Next I have my night skincare:
❥ Liz Earle cleanse and polish- I'm sure you're all aware of this amazing product. Its absolutely amazing and I cant rave about it enough. Although I only use this at night when Ive worn makeup in the day.
❥ AEOS dew facial wash - this is what I alternatively use when I don't have any makeup on (school days)
❥ AEOS refreshing hydrating mist - I use this in the nigh time because it has a lavender scent in, and lavender is known for helping you to sleep.
❥ FOY nourishing night cream- this is a perfect night time skincare
, an mine is nearly all gone:(
❥ Clinique all about eyes

These are the products that I use on my arms, legs etc.
❥ Bath and body works 'sweet pea' shower gel - obsessed with this smell, I picked this up in nyc and I wish I bought more:(
❥ mr bean mandarin coffee scrub - such an amazing scrub, smells amazing and does amazing things for my skin.
❥ nivea express hydration cream - this is a really light moisturiser and dries really quickly which I love.

I really hoped you enjoyed reading my skincare routine,

Much love,
Kristina x

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