A little update

6:37 pm

I haven't posted on here in a very long time and I'm going to be honest, I haven't actually known how to keep this up. I do really want to get back to doing this again as it is something that I enjoy, but I want to post things that will interest you as well as be enjoyable for me to post. To start off with, I thought I would give you a summary on what's been happening in my life:

✮ from May to June I was completing my GCSE's which took up a lot of my time as I had been revising every night without a lot of breaks, which didn't really do me any good, and stressed me out A LOT
✮ I had a very long summer, I think it was 10 or 11 weeks, which I spent doing pretty much nothing but I did go out a bit.
✮ I went on holiday to costa del sol in Spain for a week, which was very enjoyable
✮ then I got my GCSE results which i was really happy with overall ( I can do an extra blog post if you want to know what I got)
✮ now I'm back at school and I've started sixth form, I'm currently studying geography French and maths, but that might change.

Not a lot has happened, but i thought this would be a good place to start before i get back into blogging. Let me know what posts you'd like to see,

Kristina x

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  1. I loved hearing about whats been happening with you, well done for completing your gcse's Id love to see a post about them as its completely different to our schooling in nz xx


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