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*disclaimer: yes, i have been sent these brushes in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are completely my own and are 100% honest.*

I recently received these wonderful brushes from six plus, and i was so glad that they wanted to work with me. I have heard many great things about this brand, they have amazing reviews, and I'm not surprised as they are amazing quality.

 In total, you get 11 brushes for £28.99 and they are from amazon. I think that this is an amazing price as it works out at less than £3 per brush. Compared to real techniques brushes, the bristles are a lot softer and less scratchy than the rt ones (which irritate my skin slightly). The brushes are great quality, and i can tell that the bristles have been glued properly. They have a stunning rose gold/ gold handle and are a good weight.

the brushes come inside of this case, which is a very sturdy leather effect case, it has a rose gold zip and 'six plus' is engraved on the top of the case.

 when you open the case up, there is a big pocket which has the bigger face brushes in and then the smaller brushes have a pocket each. Each brush has a plastic case to protect it.

there are six face brushes, hence the 'f' before each number. Its super handy to have the names on the brush handle so i know what each one is and what to use it for. I think my favourite out of these brushes is the contour and the foundation brush, however they are all super soft. I think i will probably use the highlight brush for eyes as it is a bit small.

then there are the eye brushes, which I'm most excited for. I have been wanting new eye brushes for a long time so I'm excited to try these out. The blending brush is the one I think I will use the most. 

 I have had these brushes for just under a week now, and i've used them a few times. Each brush blends product so easily, especially the flat foundation brush and the eye blending brush. They don't absorb too much product but they don't cake it onto your face which i love. there are no streaks left with the foundation brush and it gives you a really flawless finish. 

I honestly cannot recommend these brushes enough, the quality is insane for the price of them and i think that these would make a really nice gift for a friend, or maybe even a gift for yourself.

I hope you've enjoyed this post, if you are interested in buying these brushes you can here.

thank you for reading,

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