My New Year's Resolutions

11:12 am

hello and welcome to 2017!

since i was a massive flop on my blog last year i am not making. promise to blog more this year because we all know that not going to happen. But anyway i thought i would do this post as i am really looking forward to looking back next year and seeing if i complete them!
So here they are:

1. Get a good AS maths result

the only AS i am taking this year is maths, my school have decided that only certain subjects are doing an AS to hopefully make out year a bit less stressful. I am hoping to get an A in maths so i do really need to work hard for it. Which brings me on to my next one...

2. Actually revise for tests / exams

I have always been one of those people who revise the say/ night before and hope to get really good mark and don't and then i'm disappointed with my result, really its not rocket science, to get a good mark i actually need to work hard and revise. So this year i'm hoping that i will be revising at least a little bit each week. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to do loads, because i have other things going on in my life and i don't have lots of time for extra revision.

3. Travel

This isn't really something i can do without my parents but i can still try. This year i might be going on a french exchange trip to paris (ahh!) as part of my french A level work, which is really exciting. I've been to paris twice before but that was with school so it was a toured trip but if i go this year i would be free to roam the streets! I would also loooveee to go to V festival and Leeds festival as well this year, i am aware they cost crazy amounts of money but i've still got bit of money left in my account. I'd also love to go away with my family this year, it's my 18th birthday of october this year and we might be goin somewhere nice for that! (we went to new york for my brothers 18th so here's hoping !)

4. Pass my driving test

I start my driving lessons on thursday and i am really excited to learn how to drive! so if i don't pass my test by this year i'm a massive fail.

5. Get another job

i had a job this christmas at boots which was temporary work, i would love to get another job for my bank account, not going to lie here, i enjoyed it for the money, the money motivated me. And considering i've nearly spent it all, i really need more money in my account. I dont just want a job for my money however. having that job at boots really made me feel independent and i felt really helpful to all the customers.

I think that brings me to the end of my resolutions for this year, i hope 2017 is a great one for you!

Much love,

Kristina x

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  1. Good luck! Going to paris would be amazing! :)


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