Christmas gift guide for her

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We all have an important girl in our lives, whether it be a sister, mum, nan, auntie or girlfriend. So here are some ideas for what you can get them for Christmas, if you're struggling or not.

Lush gift sets-

Lush gift sets are perfect for all ages, every girl loves a good pamper so these will be perfect. The good thing about lush's gift sets is that they include things of a similar scent in one, so if someone you know likes sweet scents, the little snow fairy is perfect for them. All of the gift sets I've shown are under £10 as well, so they're super affordable.
Real techniques brushes-
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I'm pretty sure you're aware of all the brushes real techniques do, including the sets. The sets are perfect as they come with 3/4/5 brushes and are all around £20 but you can get them cheaper on websites like amazon. The one in this picture is currently on sale for £20 in Superdrug. Bargain!!
Clinique gift set-3 Step Intro Kit Skin Type 2
I don't know about anyone else, but my mum loves Clinique, in fact it's her favourite skincare brand. Clinique do skincare products for all types of skin, dry, normal, oily and combination. So a perfect gift to get either your mum, nan, auntie or whoever is one of these gift sets. They are a '3-step' skincare routine, with a cleaner, toner and moisturiser. And they are only £20, which I would say is good for a brand like Clinique and its completely worth the money.
Benefit sets-
Now, every girl loves a bit of makeup, and benefit makeup is becoming more and more popular every year, releasing lots of gift sets like the one above. The gift sets are usually around £20-£30 so if you're looking to spend a bit more money on someone like your sister then here's the perfect gift.
Now lets not lie, everyone loves having a stash of chocolate or sweets, so getting chocolate or sweets for someone is a great idea. If you want it to be a bit more special than a basic bar of asda zone chocolate why not go for some lindt or other fancy chocolate?
I hope you enjoyed this post, and found it useful in some way. Please bear in mind that some of these gifts may not be useful to someone, I am purely suggesting ideas of gifts I myself would love to receive. You could also give something homemade to someone special, and your love for that person doesn't need to be shown through money.
Thank you for reading,
Kristina xx

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