Winter/ Christmas night routine

5:48 pm

 This isn't something I do on a night-to-night basis but when I have the time, its the best thing ever and makes me feel so cosy and warm.
The first thing I do is run myself a bath, and put a nice bath bomb in - I used intergalactic but the picture didn't fit in with the rest so...

After my bath I got into my fluffy pajamas and whipped out my Christmas cushions for this picture:)
I made myself a candy cane hot chocolate and got my favourite Christmas chocolate, terry's chocolate orange.
Then after my bath and getting into my pajamas I usually spend the night on youtube or watching films, this night I decided to watch a Christmas film, and I watched the first home alone the night before, so it was only right to watch Home Alone 2.
I hope you enjoyed this post, I'm sorry that I've missed quite a few days of blogmas,
Kristina xx

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  1. This sounds so lovely and relaxing- I watched Home Alone 2 last night!! That drink looks lovely, plus I love chocolate oranges. :)

  2. That hot chocolate looks amazing, yumm.
    P.S. love the pink Christmas tree!


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