What I love about Christmas

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Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year for me, but its not the idea of getting presents that makes me most excited about it. On todays post I'll be telling you everything I love about Christmas from the cold weather to fairy lights.

1. Its the most wonderful time of the year- there's something about listening to Christmas songs that makes me feel so festive. Just listening to these whilst doing your work or tidying up makes you feel so cheery and happy. Its so weird how something so little like a Christmas song can boost your mood.

2. Fairy lights, fairy lights and a heck load of fairy lights- decorating the house could be my favourite part of Christmas, but then again I'll probably say that about everything. Fairy lights make your room look so cosy and warm, especially if they are warm white coloured lights. Putting the tree up is another favourite, all the family come together to put the bulbuls and lights on the tree, and although it takes a while, seeing the end product is worth the wait.

3. Christmas is a time for giving- don't get me wrong, I do love opening presents and seeing what people have bought for me. But I much prefer giving presents. Just seeing the expression on their faces, if they like it or not, and seeing all the hard work that went into buying/ making that gift pay off. Christmas is a time for family, so why not show that you love them?

4. Shopping till you drop- going shopping at night time has always been one of my favourite things, especially at Christmas, when all the lights are on and every store has Christmas displays. And what makes it better? the fact that every store has Christmas music playing and you just can't help but sing along.

5. Baking a whole load- baking cookies, gingerbread, cake and mince pies (ew) is another fabulous thing. You have a large variety of things to bake, gingerbread is a family favourite of ours, and the rest of my family love mince pies, even though I hate them, so I make some for them. I have some good ideas for Christmas cookies, which will be a blogpost coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I love about Christmas, this isn't everything as if I wrote everything you would be here till Christmas (fun pun).

Thank you for reading,

Comment below your favourite thing about Christmas.

Kristina xx

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