Winter Skincare

7:35 pm

During winter, my skin goes a lot drier than usual so I need to take scare of my skin. The products I use are listed below:
❥ Soap and Glory hand dream (similar to hand food) - This is really nourishing for my hands, and although it does leave them feeling a bit greasy for about 5 minutes, I really love it.
❥ Vaseline - don't get me wrong I do love eos lip balms, but I find Vaseline so much more moisturising, especially for winter. Its been my go-to lip product for nearly 3 weeks.
❥ Bath and body works pocketbac - these are amazing smelling and super handy for killing germs (like when you touch something disgusting in school)
❥ Clinique Moisture Surge ETR- this has been my absolute favourite moisturiser for ages now, I only have a little pot of it, but I have had three more of them in the past. I find is superrrr moisturising and it makes my skin feel soooo soft afterwards. I have asked for a large pot for Christmas.
❥ Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water - perfect for removing makeup, leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated and leaves it feeling soft and clean.
❥ AEOS face washes - a combination of both of these products removes my makup so well! Yes, I did get sent these products but I absolutely love them! You can see my full review here.
❥Another one of my favourite things (not featured in this picture) is my FOY nourishing night cream, which has been amazing, but sadly I have used it all:(
Thankyou for reading this, hope you enjoyed it,
Kristina xx

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  1. These all look like really nice products- I love vaseline for my lips during winter!

  2. Great post! Some amazing products you have mentioned and some I think I may need to try!
    Grace xx


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