Christmas Room Decorations

5:15 pm

You may know what my room looks like from my room tour that I posted a while back.
Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I love decorating my room for it and making it feel all cosy.
This is my desk area, which still has the same fairy lights. I have used a costa Christmas cup to store my makeup brushes, and I love the way it looks. I also have a bath and body works candle which I got in nyc in 'peppermint marshmallow' and it smells amazing.
Around my fairy lights I have hung some Christmas polaroids which I got from Lalalab last week. The pictures are from we heart it.
I think that this is a really easy and simple but effective way to make your room feel all Christmassy. If you want to order some photos you can use my code: PGJ14YWY to get £5 off your order!

On top of my chest of drawers I have put my pink Christmas tree up and hung some pretty pink and silver bulbuls on it. I love the away this looks in my room.
This is a closer look on my chest of drawers. I keep my snowflake cookie yankee candle and my gingerbread fragrance from the Library of fragrance, which smells exactly like Christmas.
I hope you enjoyed this post,
Kristina xx

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  1. I loved the room tour which you did awhile ago and this one looks so pretty as well!


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